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Combo of Car Spray 50 ft Hose Pipe Gun with Brass Nozzle and Car Washing Sponge with Microfiber Washer Duster (7 in 1 Gun, 50 FT Pipe, Car Washer) Multi Color

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  • Perfect Combo: This combo perfectly defines the car washing and cleaning essentials. The Spray Gun With 50 FT Pipe and Washing Sponge combines to meet the requirement of daily washing needs.
  • ?Water Saving: The pressurized water from gun significantly washes the area of concern. The Sponge can hold water 8 times its weight.
  • ?Easy to Use Thumb Control Design: The No Squeeze, easy flow control allows for effortless garden and garage-general use. This heavy-duty nozzle allows for a controlled stream from a soft, delicate shower all the way to a high-velocity jet.
  • ?The Car washing Sponge is made from Soft Micro Fiber Material, High Quality, Easy To Wash And Dry, Package Included: 1 X Micro Fiber Car Duster & 1 X Water Spray Gun.And 50FT Pipe Note: Color May Be Vary On Availability.
  • ?Combo Offer: Buying a combo (Set of 2) instead of buying a single one makes your order spends you less. So buy more out of less order value and get this for a combo price.

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COMBO offer for Car Cleaning Essentials. 1) Water Spray Gun & 2) Car Washing Sponge 1) The Spray Gun is Perfect for Cleaning and Washing Car, Window, Tiles, etc. Material: Metal & Plastic. Gun Body Material: Zinc alloy. Spray Distance: 5-8m. Features: 1.Soft grip handle, Metal Hose Nozzle, Strong & durable. 2.Smooth action and Easy to operate. 3.Can adjust 3 water shape: straight line, radial,and atomized. 4.The Clasp can be fastened to keep watering. 5.Function: wash the car , water the flowers and rinse the ground 2) The Car washing Sponge uses Microfibre technology which traps dirt, grease and dust particles from your car or bike without scratching or damaging the paintwork. With Super-Absorbent Power, this Shop Stoppers car cleaning sponge can hold liquid up to 8 times its own weight. And it is easy too, just dampen the sponge with water and wipe glass or window surfaces clean. For polishing, dry the sponge and lightly wipe down the surface. No need to use household chemicals also. It has a strap at the back of the sponge for cleaning it with hand. Used for car, auto, bike, vehicles, household glass windows, mirrors, tiles, it has multipurpose uses. Packing: 1* Car Wash Spray Gun & 1*Car Washing Sponge Duster

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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