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Conor Mooch & Beard Oil For All Beard Types with Rosemary Vitamin E Argan | Paraben Cruelty Free 30 ML

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  • Helps grow thicker and dense beard.
  • Natural growth boosting ingredients that gives soft and shiny beard.
  • Helps out hair growth across beard.
  • Helps get rid of patchy beard.
  • Moisturize and soften beard hair.

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MOOCH & BEARD OIL is formulated keeping in mind the all round beard and hair maintenance having natural ingredients like sweet almond oil , argan , lavender, rosemary leaf oil, menthol, capric triglyceride which revitalize your facial hair and enhance beard growth , helps to ged rid off patchy beard . The ingredients work as conditioning oil for beard and mustache , conditioned the hair follicles and help them grow faster. Menthol not only gives cooling effect but also helps in increase in blood flow to hair follicles allowing it to grown fastly and dense beard & enjoy your masculine edge.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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