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Hand Blender for Egg & Cream Beater, Milkshake speed blender Chopper

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Multipurpose Hand Blender

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Multipurpose Hand Blender
Prepare for your delicacies with style!
Take the hassle out of cooking preparation with this hand blender, which is presented to you by Fortune. It is controlled manually and you just need to move your fingers to operate this machine. Moreover, it features stainless steel blades that are corrosion free and can be removed from the blender whenever you need to wash them.
Stainless Steel Blades
One of the excellent things about this hand blender is its stainless steel blades. The blades are corrosion resistant and help you to get a smooth blending experience while preparing your favourite delicacies.
ABS plastic body
The body of this small hand blender is made of ABS material, which makes it sturdy and durable. Another advantage of the use of ABS material in its body is that it can be maintained quite easily which enhances its longevity.
Ergonomic handle
The ergonomic shape of the handle makes this hand blender pretty easy to hold. It offers you an effortless blending experience with its unique mechanical design that will also provide your hand with a good exercise as well.
Perfect for beating egg and cream
Start your day with the perfect scrambled egg or omelette with the help of this hand blender. It is a very useful kitchen accessory as it can perfectly beat cream for those delicious pancake toppings.
Heavy duty gears
You will not have to worry about electricity bills as this hand blender works without power, owing to the heavy duty gears it features inside. It will beat cream and egg with the continuous movement of your fingers.
Easy to clean
Cleaning this handheld blender will not be an issue as it comes with removable blades. You can just remove the blades when you need to clean them and then you can just rinse it with clean water before wiping them with a dry cloth.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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