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Holy Ratna Clear Crystal Quartz Rosary Sphatik Jaap Mala (7 mm/108 and 1 Beads) with Certification

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  • Benefits of sphatik in different jobs- recommended for businessmen, signifies knowledge, understanding and creativity, administrative officer, leader, minister, hotel owner (it is beneficial for those who is trying to get a job in such fields or working in such field) energised with lord blessings
  • Natural crystal clear sphatik mala with lab certified and energized by acharya. Sphatik mala along with lab certified test report is packed safely and beautifully
  • Astrology benefits100% natural sphatik beads is very magical and powerful effect life. Sphatik mala blesses wearer with creative thoughts, better communication skills, improved speaking power and meditation, helps to obtain spiritual faith and insight, aid in meditation and spiritual sadhana
  • Sphatik is strong field of light and energy. Can be used as sonic energy against negative energy. Crystal mala ensures an undisturbed deep sleep. It gives you security against black magic best used for meditation. Increase once own wealth
  • Sphatik mala is mainly used by followers of lord shiva to appease him. And it is related to venus

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 Sphatik Mala keeps negativity away from its wearer and creates a positive atmosphere. It also creates a good spiritual, mental and physical atmosphere.
The Sphatik Mala stone adorns these because it is a natural coolant. Sphatik stone boosts the flow of energy and brings balance to the body and also helps in healing various health problems.
In the olden times, this stone was used as a pathway to connect with the angels or other spirits. 

Main Advantages of Sphatik Mala:
  • Universal crystal 
  • Meditation and Japa 
  • Positivity
  • Natural coolant 
  • Energy booster
  • Heals health problems 
  • Balance of body 
  • Sphatik Crystal or the Quartz stone, also known as the rhinestone is a jewel associated with tremendous power. This has very often been referred to as the universal crystal. Recognizing sphatik is easy, the stone is associated with a great deal of clarity, and transparency as well. The key property that the  sphatik crystal has is to allow a wearer to get rid of all the negativity in the environment, so that the positive vibes reach him with in a more enhanced manner. A wearer thus finds protection from all negative energies in the environment. The stone, in general works on spiritual, mental and physical facets. In particular, the stone is adored by all because it acts as a natural coolant of the mind. On adorning a sphatik mala, one keeps cool and calm in general.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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