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Holy Ratna Lal Chandan Dark Brown Red Sandalwood 108+1 Beads Jap Mala Bead, Size 8 mm for Men and Women

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  • Real & Natural lal Chandan / Red Sandalwood Mala
  • 108 +1 beads+1 Sumer+6 Mini Beads, bead size : 8 mm
  • Mala can be used for meditation purposes as well
  • Wearing this mala has cooling effects on the mind and body. Sandalwood mala is famous for it's good property. mala's made of sandalwood are very good for health and spiritual gain
  • For Wearing and Jaap / Chanting.

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About Red Sandalwood

Pterocarpus santalinus, with the common names red sanders, red saunders, red sandalwood, Rakt Chandan, and saunderswood, is a species of Pterocarpus endemic to the southern Eastern Ghats mountain range of South India. This tree is valued for the rich red color of its wood. The wood is not aromatic.

Red Sandalwood Mala



Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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