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Holy Ratna Nepali 5 Mukhi Rudraksha Bracelet for Men and Women (6 mm)

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  • A beautiful handmade rudraksha bracelet. Colour: brown quality: AAA (1 % Authentic). 5mm diameter beads are throughout the bracelet. However, quality of rudraksha brads ( Seeds ) and length varies. We assure you the best quality we provide
  • A benefits of rudraksha in different jobs recommended for businessmen, signifies knowledge, understanding and creativity, administrative officer, leader, minister, hotel owner (It is beneficial for those who is trying to get a job in such fields or working in such field) energised with lord blessings
  • A rudraksh bracelet shiva god suitable for all rashis, rudraksha can be worn by all (men, women and children) on a regular basis, irrespective of sex, age, culture, ethnic, geographical and religious background can wear it. Stay as it is, very demandable, light weight, easy to wear
  • A packing: (Handmade and Stretchable) natural five face / panchmukhi rudraksha bracelet lab certified and energized 'India rudraksha' by acharya. Is packed safely and beautifully
  • An astrology benefits: natural 5 Mukhi rudraksha bead bracelet is very magical and powerful effect life. Five faces (Mukhi) rudraksha blesses the wearer with creative thoughts, better communication skills, improved speaking power and meditation, helps to obtain spiritual faith and insight, aid in

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Rudraksha is considered as incarnation of Bhagwan Shiva. A person wearing this Rudraksha bracelet is blessed with good health, respect and helps in removing anxiety and stress.

This beautiful panchmukhi (5 Mukhi) Rudraksha bracelet comes in 2 variants - one with single line of Rudraksha and 2nd with double line of Rudraksha. Please select the one above which you want to buy.

It is also a kind of shield against negative energies. One Veda, the Atharvana Veda, is all about how to use energies to your advantage and to someone else’s detriment. If somebody who has mastery over this wants to use it. A rudraksha is a kind of shield against this.

Advantages of wearing Rudraksha bracelet:

  • Helps in removing tension and stress from life
  • Creates positive vibe around you and helps avoid negative energies
  • Helps in maintaining good health
  • Helps to maintain concentration in work and studies
  •  Rudraksham change the karma of the wearer, leading a person naturally to the right path of truth and purpose, making the pace along the path quicker and progress easier.
  • Rudraksham are effective in controlling stress, thus help in eradicating worries and blessing the wearer with greater peace of mind. In over 6,500 years of documented use, Rudraksham have been shown to produce no negative side effects.
  • Rudraksham bring clarity, sharpen the mind, and increase the power of Intuition. 
  • Rudraksham create powerful “protection circles” from negativity and remove obstacles along the path to your success. 
  • Rudraksham charge the soul with shakti (spiritual power), increasing the soul’s own radiance and its ability to more fully express its divine power & wisdom in the material world.
  • Rudraksham create a more intimate connection with the positive forces in nature and the cosmos, help to heal the vital energies and bring them into harmonious balance. 
  • Rudraksha are scientifically proven to have many health benefits. The 5 faced Rudraksha has the power to annihilate the enemy. This can revert the inimical mind of the enemy to friendliness.
Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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