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Holy Ratna Non Sticks Gas Toaster

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Non-Stick Gas Toaster Sandwich Makers/ sendwich maker Toster-Special Grill Toast Toaster Grill Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster Roti Maker Toast Bite Gas Toaster Toast Sandwich Toaster Grill, Open Grill, Toast, Roti Maker, Pizza Pan, Grill Gas Toaster Toast Toster-Special Grill Gas Toaster/Sandwich Maker Toast sandwich maker /Toaster (black) Toast Non-Stick Gas Sandwich Toaster (black) Toast (Black) sandwich maker /Toaster GAS TOASTER Toast sandwich gas toaster grill Open Grill, Waffle, Toast, Roti Maker, Pizza Pan, Grill  (Black)

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Holy Ratna brings to you kitchen tools from the house of Fancy Centre to enhance your cooking experience like gas lighter, gas saver, potato slicer and chopper, knives, cutlery set, chop n churn etc. Grab them for your kitchen now!

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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