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Holy Ratna Wooden Craft Walking Stick with Antique Design

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  •  Authentic design, handmade and excellent finish
  • "Authentic design, handmade and excellent finish, This is antique Brass nautical walking stick. Beautiful gift for gentlemen & your lovers."
  • Beautifully Handcrafted Wooden Walking Stick With Brass Work
  • Made of high quality Sheesham wood with Brass Work  

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Holy Ratna  brings you a grand wooden walking stick. This wooden cane comes with a sensational design featuring brass handles and a rubber tip at the base made for a soft landing. It provides a perfect support and balance while walking. It is functional as both a supporting and as a fashion accessory.

Holy Ratna wooden walking stick its made by rosewood wood its worked brass you can also keep it in your beg by modding it, it would have been easier for the old men to walk its very work at night time to move the dog used for old men and modeling it is very comfortable with this help you will not have to take any help handel made by brass

Description Total length : 37 inches. Approx. Material :- Brass and Wood. Use :- Daily Use walking and Decor antique Gift Brass ring between handle and wooden stick is not fix you can remove easily after removing the handle. Handle Finish : Polish Mild Brass Design and Shiny Brass Design  

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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