Holyratna Multi Purpose Covid Corona Virus Safety Keychain | Safe Touch Tool | Metal | Qty-3

449 1,490

  • If can be used by Doctor, Nurses, Industry Workers, Office Staff, Professionals or Anyone in their day to day work.
  • This Safety Key is Washable, re-usable, and from medical grade material.
  • USE OUR SAFETY KEY TO: Bottle Opener, Scale (Inch/mm), Mobile Stand, Trolley Pusher, Door Opener, Car Door Opener, Lift Button Pusher, ATM & Mobile Screen Stylus.
  • MATERIAL-Alloy Stainless Stell
  • Proudly made in the India

Holyratna no touch door opener tool is ideal for opening sliding doors, pulling down or up lever-type handles, and for pressing buttons on elevators and ATMs. Thanks to the front-located stylus point, this Zinc Alloy stylus tool is great for use on all types of public touchscreens. Made from solid Zinc Alloy, Zinc Alloy being a naturally antimicrobial metal, the hygiene hand door opener is a practical, durable tool that’s lightweight (42g), conveniently small (0.94cm), and very easy to carry around with you when you’re on the go. The contactless safety door opener comes with a stylus point which can be used for pressing buttons on elevators, light switches, and ATMs. With its ergonomic design you can use the Zinc Alloy EDC door opener to open all kinds of doors, to press buttons, to easily manoeuvre lever handles, and to carry plastic shopping bags from the supermarket. Our self-cleaning Zinc Alloy antimicrobial door opener tool provides you with the perfect means to avoid cross-contamination. This Zinc Alloy door opener stylus comes with a hole located at one end. Hang the antimicrobial stylus on your keychain, your keyring, or keep it inside your bag for easy, convenient use. Click Add to Cart to buy your self-cleaning antimicrobial Zinc Alloy germ free utility tool today! Features Material: Zinc Alloy Color: Nickel Plated Item Length: 0.94cm Item Weight: 42g Manufacturer

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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