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Holyratna Rose Pillar Wax Scented Candle, Pack of 1, Rose

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  • USE: This rose pillar scented and fancy candle is perfectly suitable for decoration at various occasions like party, birthday, festival or any other. It is a perfect gift item for friends and family for any occasion.
  • SHAPE & COLOR: This decorative candle having thick pillar shape having rose outer design with red color.
  • FRAGRANCE: This tall designer pillar candle having analogous rose fragrance having property of no-smoke.
  • BURN TIME: Each candle has approximately 12 hours of burning time.
  • VARIATION: Pack of 2 is also available. And Pink & Blue colors are also available.

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Product description

This fragrance candle can be used at various occasions like birthday & other parties, festivals or any other occasions. This decorative pillar candle is also suitable for home entrance decoration, room decoration or restaurant table decoration for dinner and creates a magical feel on every festival, occasion, parties, etc. In addition with this, it can be also used in various Rangoli in festivals.

Look & Feel:
This fancy smokeless candle have rose shape with red color and rose fragrance. Due to this romantic color & smell, one can also use it as a love candle or valentine candle.

Product Material:
This scented candle is made up with paraffin wax having burning time of approximately 12 hrs.

Burning Instructions:
It is highly recommended to stop burning after 3 hours of continuous burning. Wait for wax freeze, trim wick by 0.5 cm and then reburn. Otherwise it melts down badly. Follow this to get better result and desired burning time.

Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 122 × 145 × 321 cm

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